The Divorce Housing Pro – More Equipped to Help You With Our New Online Form

More often than not the hardest part of doing something is the first step.  Anxiety and concern about the the unknown as well as not even knowing what to ask can work against taking that difficult step, but so often the step is actually through a threshold on understanding and knowledge that can alleviate concerns bringing control and awareness to the process that involves the roof over your head.

This does not end with divorcing individuals.  While there would be limits on the information that we can receive, i.e. information sensitive or personal nature, The Divorce Housing Pro can absolutely work with representatives such as family members to better empower them to assist their daughters, sons, brothers and even parents.  With an authorization to act on their behalf, we provide full service specific to the clients situation with supporting documents.  We have tailored the new form to allow you to identify your relationship at the start so we can provide the best and most productive follow up.

Finally, if you work divorcing clients both as a divorce professional or as a trusted advisor, we can help too.  Like a family member, you can identify yourself as such and we can begin to work as a team to provide the client the best service possible.  If you want to maintain control of the case, we can accommodate and work completely in a subcontractor role.

For your convenience, we have provided the link, QR Code and and embedded version of the form.


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